Regeneration Tattoo
Congrats to Jase!
Another awesome move for another one of our amazing talented artists! Jase, who joined us last year, has been asked to be a regular guest artist at New York Adorned! He will still be taking appointments here at Regen, but you must contact him directly to do so. He can be reached Here.
Goodbye & Welcome
Last September, we said farewell to Dan Bythewood. Dan made the big move to New York Adorned, so if you're looking to get tattooed by him still, he's only a 4.5 hr china town bus ride away. With his departure though, we brought on the talented Jase Forney. He's here 4 days a week doing some killer Polynesian. Some come on in and book your appointment today!
Boston's Best!
We were voted Boston's Best tattoo shop in the Improper Bostonian 2014.
hey everyone!
please vote for Regeneration Tattoo in the Boston Phoenix's best of boston 2010 poll!
Sorry ladies!!....and a few gents..
We are proud to announce the honorable Edwin Alexis Marquez of miami, FL. is taking the vows of holy matrimony. Knowing him to be the most dignified of men, we raise our mead horns to him in solidarity and union, and know that someday he will represent the most memorable of pap paps.
2009 Weekly Dig's Dig This Award winner!!